The Impact Team is committed to providing business coaching, hearty content, virtual services to make your businesses run more smooth, solid business tools, connections to
like-minded business professionals, creative business planning and community known outreach efforts.

"Leah provided a phenomenally helpful focus session to kick-start my project idea. I feel like it carved many weeks off my learning curve, demystified some aspects of it, provided a solid footing to launch from in addition to lending me more confidence the idea is on the appropriate track for success. I'm positive I got my money's worth and would be happy to business again in the future with her."

Abby Matzke
Traditional Naturopath, New Song Wellness

"Leah has a deep passion for helping people and their business."

Sonja Harris
Director, Learning RX

"You can't leave a meeting with Leah and not feel inspired! She is amazing and will help take you to the next level."

Ashley Aukes
Creator, Beruck Studios

"Impact is a great resource for small business owners. I have learned so many skills and gotten such great ideas for improvement. An invaluable resource for sure!"

Karina Rose
Graphic Designer, Karina Rose Creative, LLC.

"Leah helped bring my company's signature program from just a dream to a reality in a short period of time and she is so easy to work with."

Beth Jessop
Founder, Sports Moms United

"When I was at the lowest point in my life Leah made the biggest impact in my life AND didn't give up on me!"

Sherri Manz
Designer, The Krafty Chix


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